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The main purpose of fencing is to ensure security of that property. Fencing can be of many types and each has their own unique properties. GreenFellas fencing Company in North London that provides its customers with not only commercial fences but also residential fencing too. They offer a number of options to choose, be it residential or commercial. They have trained experts and professionals who provide the clients with the best quality work.

Residential gardens are something’s a house owner should be proud of. They spend their valuable time and money to groom their garden so that they are not only presentable but can attract compliments from visitors. The Greenfellas experts ensure the best fencing available to these home owners. Fencing is an important part of decorating one’s garden. One can choose from ornamental fences to regular traditional fences.

Greenfellas provide their customers with the best designs one can choose from. The professionals strive to make sure the owner gets their dream fences for their garden. One of the most commonly used designs for fencing a garden is Slatted Screen Fencing.

These Are Some Fencing Services That We Offers


Picket Fencing slatted screen fences

Closeboard Fencing