Overlap Fencing

Lap Panel Fencing in North London

Also called the Larch Lap Panel Fencing, consists of overlapped panels having horizontally placed waney edged slats. This is the most popular and largely used fences used in gardens.

The best thing is that it is quite economical, though not quite as strong as close board fencing or too long lasting, but it takes the edge when it comes to costing. These panels can be easily fitted with timber posts and concrete.

• These panels are usually attached using concrete. As one can easily imagine, concrete is much harder and resistance than wood and lasts much longer. Moreover, using concrete poles ensure easy replacement and installation of the panels.

• Unless one wants to use timber poles, these are much easier to attach using concrete and even easier to maintain.

• The basic positioning of the posts is dictated by the placing of the panels. These give rise to problems when the fencing needs to be maneuvered around trees or bushes.

• It is the cheapest kind of fencing available for the general public.

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