Picket Fencing

Picket Fencing in North London

Picket Fencing, also termed as timber Palisade Fencing, is one of the most beautiful styles of fencing. They are mainly used in the front portion of the garden or as borders. One has a definitive choice between pointed, flat and round tops.

The basic outlay is that, there are certain boards that are laid vertically and are attached to rails which are kept horizontal. These vertical boards are called ‘pickets’.

These fences are mostly used for decorative purposes as they have some of the most beautiful variations. They are also quite useful in keeping household pets and children confined in the garden area. These types of fences are traditionally painted white. These are the types of fences that are seen in fairy tales, surrounding the houses of elves and dwarfs. Greenfellas offers choice between plain pressures treated wood or just pickets coloured white.

Having references from children’s stories, many have the idea that these picket fences are those small, cute cottage style fences with gaps in between and just a few inches tall. But in reality, they are not like that; they can be arranged quite closer to each other and can also be quite tall having a range of 1.8 to 2.4m.

This property allows the user to choose from the varied heights according to the purpose to be used in.
One can also apply trellis to the top of the fences forming shadowed picket fences, having pickets on the back and front, also with smaller gaps between two fences. This form gives the fence a certain amount of flexibility to cope up with the different household situations.

The traditional frame heights range between 2’ to 6’ and the bay sizes that rae available are 6’, 8’, 9’ and 10’. According to the specifications needed by the owner, one can opt to include gravel boards, router posts and capping rails. Installation of picket fences gives the house a warm and beautiful look to any outsider and can really fetch compliments for the home and the garden.


• Picket fences are the most attractive of all the types. They give the garden a new beauty. They are mostly installed in rear and front gardens. It’s not that they have detailed intricate designs on them, but their basic simplicity gives them the rare beauty that makes them so much irresistible.

• The width of the pickets and the spaces in between them can be anything the client wants. Moreover, the costing is in such a form that bigger the spacing between fences, cheaper will be the rates. Sometimes, closed fencing tends to hide the house from outside, but with picket fencing, that does not happen. Since the gaps are custom made, one can always keep to their specified needs.

• They are quite cute and classy. It is quite a popular style of fencing that is loved by many people because of its simple but classy appeal. They form beautiful borders and create a good enough appeal for the property.

• One of the best uses of a picket fence, other than its beauty, is that they are ideal to hold kids and pets inside the garden.

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