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garden fence with trellisGreenFellas has become a trusted name in the context of wooden fencing. Our services have become famous in and around North London for the past 15 years. All you need to do is tell us about your fence requirements. Our experts love to serve you and provide the best. Your garden boundaries will be transformed into a new one by our professional team. Contact our fencing team to find out more.

All kinds of fencing repairing works are also done by us. We help in repairs and replacements of your garden fence which have been otherwise damaged due to some natural calamities like a storm or rot. We also offer our customers with a fencing replacement guarantee. You can also contact us for getting a fencing estimation for free.

We give you full assurance that you will be fully satisfied with our fencing services. So, give us a call and will be happy to visit and provide you with a free fence estimate.

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