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This is the most sophisticated and traditional system of fencing. It adds a level of class to the garden. Like most fences, this type of fencing has the flexibility in matters of height, i.e., in close board fencing, one can choose the most appropriate height for their fences that would suit their garden. Its also one of the strongest fence panels around.

This particular type of fencing is also termed as close board fencing. It is one of the most commonly used fencing as it is quite easy to maintain and also provides privacy and security due to its height. Having an average height of around 6ft, close board fencing is quite known for being not only hardy, but versatile without compromising the outlook of the fences.

These fences are usually made from sawn timber along with the feather edged boards arranged in a vertical position. The boards are supported and held together using arris rails and with the base covered by gravel boards. Moreover, a capping rail or a counter rail can also be used on these boards to finish it. These not only have an elegant look but also increase security by protecting the top edge of the fence.


close board fence london• The fence gets an overall better look. Also, with the number of variations that can be included with these fences, one has a number of choices to choose from. Options to install counter rails or capping rails give the advantage of customization to the owner. One can easily choose and install the railings that go better with the garden and the other ornaments in it.

• There is a certain liberty in placing the posts. If one wants the fencing to not be straight at certain points to avoid trees or bushes, it can be easily done. Positioning of posts is quite versatile in this type of fencing.

• The experts from Greenfellas usually do the full construction on the grounds itself rather than make it in their warehouse and bring it just to install. This again gives an advantage to the clients. They can see through the whole process for themselves and ensure that there is no foul play regarding the dedication and expertise of the workers. Also, they can see and test the material used and approve it before any construction is done.

• The most important advantage for close board fencing is its longevity. Out of all the different kinds of fencing offered, this has the maximum durability and resilience against wear and tear. These fences do justice to the money that one spends on and the client always ends up being satisfied.

Other Types Of Close Board Fencing :

close board fence with trellisThe traditional style of fencing is not the only style available in this genre. There are also a number of different styles of Close Board fencing. One can choose between direct close board panels, concave close board panels and convex close board panels. All of these offer a different, sophisticated and innovative look to the garden.

Greenfellas Fencing offers all kinds of fencing needs for residential and commercial purposes. They ensure client satisfaction as all their workers are highly trained experts and professionals.

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