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In need of some trellis garden fencing in North London? Trellis can extend the height of a existing fence.

Trellis fencing has a number of properties. Not only can it be used separately as a complete fence, but also they can be combined with close board fencing or waney fencing as a cap. Trellis comes basically in two different shapes: double trellis spacing and square or diamond spacing. Traditionally, the square spacing is trellis fencingused in normal households. Double trellis and diamond spacing are usually used when the client wants a classy elegant look to their garden.

Though trellis fencing can be used to construct complete fences, still it looks more elegant on a different setting. If a client uses this particular style to cordon off a part of the garden as a setting for some private dining area, or divide the patio or terrace to create a private area for some special events, then the actual elegance of using this style comes to light.

Using of trellis fencing to create intimate settings for few special occasions for some special people is one of the most popular uses of this style.

Moreover, this method of fencing is highly recommended as a support system for creepers or climbing plants. For buildings, old and new, and even office places, trellis fencing combined with a creeper shows class and elegance.

This style of fencing is so unique that it not only creates beauty on its own, but by combining it with other styles of fencing, it creates a rich and elegant texture and gives a look of grandeur to any household garden.


extend trellis on fence• This is one of the most flexible styles of fencing available in the market. It can be combined with any other style and showcased. The combinations not only increases the beauty of the whole set up but also provides with extra security and protection to the fences.

• One of the best things about trellis fencing is that it does not always have to be put up as a normal fence. It can be attached to walls as a support for creeping plants, or it can just be attached to walls, creating some designs. This again enhances the beauty of the structure.

• Bringing up walls is an expensive matter. Moreover, walls in the middle of the garden or a terrace or patio are visually disturbing. If a person just replaces these walls with simple trellis fencing patterns, it will turn into a work of art. It provides the perfect level of privacy needed in special intimate and romantic activities like dinners and dates. Moreover, it doesn’t make the actual space any bit smaller.

• Being as sleek and thin as it is, it takes he least amount of space and is not at all intrusive.

• Combining it with close board fencing or panel fencing, t provides with a heightened level of security and privacy.

Types of Trellis Panels

Trellis panels are quite unique open sided fencings that are perfect for simple paneling, using as infills or just to support plants. These are striking additions to any garden to make it more beautiful to look at.

Some of the types of panels are:

• Standard Trellis
• Planed Trellis
• Diamond Trellis
• Double Trellis

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